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HOW DOES GetSuperPopular WORK?

GetSuperPopular uses the latest and best technology to help you grow the amount of authentic followers for your Instagram account. By employing user targeting and hashtag techniques we are able to direct genuine targeted Instagram followers to your profile. Let us help you to boost your Instagram.

Getting Started

To begin, go to the Get Started page and sign up. Shortly after one of our account managers will be assigned to your account and will contact you and help you set up for success!


Hashtag Targeting

We use the power of hashtags and search algorithms in order to engage with real users that fit your defined audience.

Weekly Reporting

You will be able to request reports in order to better understand how your account is growing and improving.



In case that you want to target the followers (or following) of one of your competitors or someone you admire, let us know. We can help you target those users as well!


In case that you are interested in new followers from a certain geographic location, let us know. We can help you target those users based on their city/state/province/country!

Gender (soon)

Focus only on the demographic you want to engage with, be it males, females or both. Targeting the right people is key to growing your account successfully!




Black Listing

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly. Our service is secure because it works in full compliance with Instagram. None of our more than 10,000 clients’ accounts has had a problem due to the usage of our service.
Absolutely! We are proud to be able to focus on fully authentic and organic followers. Instead of offering a fixed amount of followers, as is done by other websites, ​​​​we are dedicated to grow your organic followers by managing your account, thus incrementing your follower base only with people who will follow you because they show interest in your account. As a consequence, you will be able to notice how these new followers are engaged with your content.
Of course! Feel free to use your Instagram account as you have always done.
Yes, please get in touch with our support team and let us know how we can help you. We would be happy to adjust the service, when possible, to fit your needs better.
You will retain your followers! Please remember that the followers you acquire while using our service would have chosen to follow you on their own. Therefore, in the event that you would like to stop using our service, these followers would stay in your account. We would be sad to see you go, so please drop us a line before doing so - maybe we will find a solution.
Our team will get in touch to set up your account. Your account manager will take a closer look and set up a customized strategy for growth. Our team will get in touch shortly after you have submitted your order. Please monitor your PayPal email address and Spam folder, we wouldn’t want you to miss our email.

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