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Frequently Asked Questions


Our team will get in touch to set up your account. Your account manager will take a closer look and set up a customized strategy for growth. Our team will get in touch shortly after you have submitted your order. Please monitor your PayPal email address and Spam folder, we wouldn’t want you to miss our email.
After you place your order our team will be in touch to help you set up your account.
Most services on the web require you to have your account set to public, but GetSuperPopular works even when your account is set to private. We do recommend using the public mode, but it is not a mandatory condition for using our service.
As we are offering a way for growing your profile organically, changes to your account would start within hours of your order, while results could take days to become noticeable. Please be patient and do not expect instant changes in your followers count. You can always take a look at the additional growth features we offer in the How It Works page.
We are not focusing on instant, fake followers, but rather use marketing techniques related to hashtags and other targeting methods to organically grow your follower base.
If you decide to change your targeting you can email us with your new hashtags or other targeting preferences, including your Instagram username in the email, and we will take care of the changes.
Yes, certainly. Please focus on your account as you always have and continue generating content - our service will help you enjoy additional traffic.
Yes, please get in touch with our support team and let us know how we can help you. We would be happy to adjust the service, when possible, to fit your needs better.
We offer additional growth features for active subscribers to our service. Please email us if you want to learn more about them.
Following/Unfollowing: This is one of the best organic ways to grow your following. People are naturally inclined to follow someone who followed them.
Comments: We can help you with commenting on others' profiles. What we would need is for you to share what you would like to comment and we will take care of it. Also, keep in mind that over time we have noticed that comments including emojis lead to better results.
You will retain your followers! Please remember that the followers you acquire while using our service would have chosen to follow you on their own. Therefore, in the event that you would like to stop using our service, these followers would stay in your account. We would be sad to see you go, so please drop us a line before doing so - maybe we will find a solution.
You certainly can, however please email us when you do so, to prevent any interruptions in service.


Unfortunately changing your PayPal account for an active subscription is not technically possible at the moment. If you need to do this please contact us. We will be happy helping you cancel the current subscription so that you can subscribe again with another PayPal account.
Yes, please get in touch if you need to do this. (Please be aware that PayPal imposes a 72-hour timeframe prior to a subscription payment when the subscription cannot be changed.)
Cancelling your subscription happens through PayPal. Please follow this link to learn how.
Please visit your PayPal account as there might be insufficient funds there. If that is not the case, please contact PayPal to resolve the issue.

Refunds & Payments

If you have any concerns about your payments or want to file a claim for a refund, please contact us at

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